ランド研究所(RANDコーポレーション)がウクライナ政府に収容所と処刑を提案した記事が消える update2


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Leaked? US think-tank plan on East Ukraine suggests internment camps, executions

A leaked memorandum from the RAND corporation think tank suggests the Ukrainian govt should engage in an all-out war in eastern regions, including shutting down all communications, putting citizens in internment camps and kill all who resist such actions.

The RAND Corporation is non-profit global think tank which offers research and analysis to the US armed forces.

In the shocking letter, which has been leaked to the press, the advice offers a step by step brutal guide in how to deal with the population in eastern Ukraine.

'Military op's advantages overweigh'

In the first line the memorandum notes that the peace plan outlined by new president Poroshenko is likely to fail. However, it soothes, the political and material downsides of the operation will be "outweighed" by the gains.

The chilling letter then lists the advantages that a full scale military onslaught against the two breakaway eastern Ukrainian regions would have.

The pro-Russian political movement, claims the advice, would become decimated and the pro-Russian voters would get disorganized.

Instead of upholding the region's coal supplies as a source of future employment, it says the decimation of the coal industry in the fighting would mean they would be quickly shut down, thereby relieving the Ukraine of burdensome subsidy costs.

Shutting down the Donbass industries would also mean a reduction in Russian gas consumption and the destruction of the local oligarch Rinat Akhmetov's clan and his political and economic clout.

Stage 1: Suspend Constitution, impose martial law

The shocking memorandum then lists a three stage military campaign to guarantee victory. Stage one, called the total isolation of the rebel regions, presuming that all civilians who have stayed behind are "complicit in the unrest or supportive of it."

It proposes martial law should be imposed in the area with a strict curfew between 20:00 and 06:00, while all local authorities would have their competencies terminated and Constitution be suspended in the area.

The regions should then be encircled with troops with special attention being given to areas which border on Russia.

As regards the media it recommends that all broadcasting services, telephone and mobile communications and internet services in the region should be shut down and that the international media should be "subject to a special procedure."

Stage 2: Internment camps for male adults, those who resist to be killed on the spot

Then begins Stage Two of the operation, called mop-up, which involves a gradual tightening of the circle of troops round the region, followed by airstrikes and then artillery and mortar assaults against the "enemy's" strategic facilities.

Without any apparent regard for human life the RAND authors then advise that the use of non-conventional arms should not be ruled out "to ensure smaller casualties among our own personnel".

The authors, who seemingly have little or no knowledge of the situation in eastern Ukraine, then say that settlements should be liberated one by one with armor going in first, followed by infantry who should shoot to kill anyone bearing arms.

In what appears to be advising ethnic cleansing, all male adults should be removed to internment camps, while anyone who attempts to resist should be executed; children under 13 and people over the age of 60 should be moved to specially equipped facilities in other areas.

In a bizarre piece of advice that appears at best unrealistic and at worst deranged RAND then says that anyone with bruises, scuff marks, traces of gun powder or gun oil on their clothes should be tried in court for separatism and terrorism. Any lucky residents who don't fall into these categories would be allowed to return home after a period of two months "of internment" and would then be slapped under surveillance by the security services.

Stage 3: Property of convicted and displaced to be nationalized

Stage Three, which is risibly called 'Back to Normal', says that all refugees "from the warzone" should then be allowed to return home. This is presuming that in the first place they would have a home to return to and in the second place they would want to return home to a region now so divided along Ukrainian and Russian ethnicities.

However men aged 18-60 shall be "checked" in internment camps, while the property of convicted and displaced resident of Donetsk and Lugansk regions shall be nationalized.

The area of the punitive operation shall be made "off limits" to foreign media, the memorandum concludes.

Leaked? US think-tank plan on East Ukraine suggests internment camps, executions



Events in E. Ukraine 'beginning of ethnic cleansing campaign'

‘Guidelines for genocide is US prime export product’

RT: What do you make of this leak? How realistic does it sound?

Don Debar: Well actually knowing something about RAND Corporation, that is where reports credit the memo, it rings very true. RAND Corporation in the 1950s, for example, was contracted to take a look at the emerging political power of minorities in the cities. People were learning, as they got concentrated at the ghettos, people actually learned that they could accumulate political power, elect people to Congress, and state legislators and things. And this became a problem for the status quo.

So RAND basically advised them to destroy neighborhoods, scatter the populations to the four corners of the region and thereby decimate political power. And urban renewal accomplished that. As far as its coming from RAND it is quite credible to me, it is the kind of work that they engage in.


ドン・ベア「はい。ランド研究所を実際に知っているので報道が根拠にしてるメモには真実味があると思います。 1950年代のランド研究所は、例をあげれば、都市の少数民族が政治力で台頭するのを監視する契約がありました。 選挙で国会議員を選出するようなことで実際に彼らは政治力を集結できるように、人々は少数民族居住区に集まって学んでいたのです。これが既得権益側にとって問題になりました。」

「ランドは彼らに近所を破壊し、人々を脅して居住区の四隅に追い込み、そうすることで政治力を殺すように提案しました。 そして都市再開発が実行された。それがランドから来たという部分に関して私にはとても信ぴょう性があります。 それが彼らが関わってきた仕事だからです。」


イスラム国、英国人殺害の動画を公開 空爆承認の英議会を非難

2014年10月04日 08:58 発信地:ワシントンD.C./米国
10月4日 AFP】イスラム教スンニ派(Sunni)の過激派組織「イスラム国(Islamic State、IS)」は3日、拘束していた英国人援助関係者アラン・ヘニング(Alan Henning)氏(47)を殺害する場面と見られるビデオ映像を公開した。

 公開された映像は、これ以前の人質3人の殺害とほとんど同様の内容だった。映像の中で覆面をしたIS戦闘員は、次は米国人ピーター・カッシグ(Peter Kassig)氏とされる人質の男性を殺害すると脅迫した。


 ヘニング氏はシリア向けの支援物資を輸送する車両の運転手として活動していた。 カッシグ氏はイラクに駐留した経験もある米陸軍兵士で、後に援助組織を創設するため中東に戻った。今回公開された1分11秒の動画の終わりではカッシグ氏は生存している。

 米民間監視団体「SITEインテリジェンス・グループ(SITE Intelligence Group)」がインターネット上で発見したこの動画は、英議会がイラク国内のイスラム国への空爆を承認したことを伝える先週のニュース映像で始まり、次に砂漠を背景にオレンジ色の囚人服のような服を着てひざまずくヘニング氏に、覆面をした男がコンバットナイフを振りかざす場面になる。

 イスラム国が前回公開した英国出身のデービッド・ヘインズ(David Haines)氏の殺害場面の動画に出ていた人物と同様に英国アクセントで話す覆面の戦闘員は、デービッド・キャメロン(David Cameron)英首相に直接語り掛け、「デービッド・ヘインズの血は、キャメロン、お前の手に付いている。アラン・ヘニングも殺されるが、この男の血は英国議会の手に付く」と述べ、人質の首を切った。

 キャメロン英首相は、この動画は本物とみられるとした上で殺害を強く非難し、殺害に関与した者たちに必ず法の裁きを受けさせると述べた。(c)AFP/Dave Clark

「米民間監視団体「SITEインテリジェンス・グループ(SITE Intelligence Group)」がネットで発見したことになってる。

Probing the SITE Intelligence Group



国際交流基金(ジャパンファウンデーション) 日米センター

RANDだけでなくブルッキングス研究所とか、CSISとか、CFRとかいかにも米の戦争屋機関にみえるけど、それを支援してるのが日本政府。 平成20年(2008年)からそんなことやってたのか。第一次安倍内閣の後からですな。ひょっとしてこれもあべしがやったのか?