ケーサツ(日本たばこ産業/JT)がCIA職員を寝返らせて中国とロシアでCIA情報元を次々に殺害。最後のターゲットはヒラリーw。回りくどい分断工作か update20

からJerry Chun Shing Leeを切り出し。

2010年4月 ヒラリー・クリントン国務大臣と露ラブコフ外相が34トンの兵器級プルトニウムの削減をコミット
2012年10月19日ヒラリー・クリントンが南北アメリカのエネルギー・グリッド (Connecting the Americas 2022) を発表
2012年10月23日米政府はConnecting the Americas 2022を発表

モクモク煙充満「良くない」 外務省、建物内全面禁煙へ 2018年4月21日03時00分
写真・図版 閣議後、会見する河野太郎外相=2018年4月20日午前、首相官邸、山本壮一郎撮影

Mr. Lee, who left the C.I.A. in 2007, has been living in Hong Kong and working for a well-known auction house. He was apprehended at Kennedy Airport in New York on Monday and charged in federal court in Northern Virginia with the unlawful retention of national defense information.
NYTの報道では2007年にCIAを退職したことになってる。 2007年から2008年まで日本たばこ産業(JT)に勤務。2010年に香港で「FTMインターナショナル(FTM International)」という名のタバコを専門にした小さな調査会社を立ち上げる。 そして2010年終わりから、中国でCIAの情報源12人の連続殺害がはじまる。うち1人は同僚らの前で銃殺。スパイ活動をしている疑いがある者たちへの警告。


It is unclear why Mr. Lee decided to risk arrest by coming to the United States this month.
Why the F.B.I. did not arrest Mr. Lee after originally finding the classified material in his notebooks remains unclear. The F.B.I. declined to comment.

“It would be a pity to scapegoat Jerry Lee and say, ‘Look, there was a big mole and we caught him and now the Chinese espionage problem is solved,’” said one of the sources, a former official with extensive intelligence experience in East Asia. “Some people are trying to do that with this case, which I think is dangerous.”

Investigators soon began to conclude that its communications system for covert communications, referred to as "covcom," had been infiltrated.


wikileaks.org→RE: Commercial Integration Demo meeting

What exactly are they wanting from HBGary? I used to run covcom
programs. What type of creativity are they looking for?

HBGaryとNTTコムはドイツのインテグラリス(NTTセキュリティ)を介して取引関係にあった。 CIA情報源暗殺暗殺の原因になったHBGaryのCOVCOMを攻略したのはふつうにNTTコムだなw。

HackingTeamやファンシーベアが活動を開始したのが2004年だからなぁ。 最初のStuxnet攻撃が2008年。 そりゃー、一網打尽になるでしょーな。


【Double-sided spy】 Japanese workers employed by former Japanese company broke the news: unpopular 2018-01-19 12:15

Jerry Chun Shing Lee or Zhen Cheng Li, a former CIA official who leaked classified information to the Mainland, was arrested in New York a day ago. Following the revelation yesterday, a new photo was released today. At the same time, it was reported that Li Zhencheng was employed by JTI as an investigator in Hong Kong before he took charge of the position of chief security officer of Christie's auction house in Hong Kong. After working for two years, Li Zhencheng, a former colleague, recalled that Li Zhencheng was not in the company popular.

Quoting sources from the New York Times, Li pointed out that Li Zhencheng, who worked at JTI from 2007 to 2009, was suspected of collaborating with Chinese corrupt officials and then smuggling businesspeople and was fired by the company. By 2010, Li Zhencheng and a former police officer in Hong Kong opened a small survey company called FTM International, a tobacco company specializing in the business. The company closed its operations in 2014 and Lee moved to Estée Lauder and Christie's for the international cosmetics brands.

According to a former colleague, Li Zhencheng has been dumb with his boss for two years at JTI but has been very talkative about the local Chinese employees. Colleagues also mean that Li Zhen-cheng is married and has two daughters. He looks attentive to his children and does not have a very fresh life. The colleague pointed out that Li Zhencheng was unpopular with the company. Everyone generally considered him untrustworthy. After he left, "we did not want to see him again."

U.S. media disclosed that after Li Zhencheng was working at a Christie's Hong Kong auction house, a Christie's auction house spokesman confirmed on Wednesday that it had suspended a security chief in Hong Kong pending the result of a criminal investigation but did not provide the employee's name.

Mr. Li, 53, was detained on Monday after arriving at New York's Candi Di International Airport and charged with keeping confidential information a charge. The maximum sentence of this charge is 10 years.
2010年に香港で「FTMインターナショナル(FTM International)」という名のタバコを専門にした小さな調査会社を立ち上げる。
2014年FTMを閉じてエスティーローダー・クリスティーズ(Estée Lauder and Christie's)という国際的な化粧品ブランドの会社に転職。

オバマ政権時代のヒラリー・クリントン国務長官が脳震盪を起こした後、2013年2月1日国務長官を退任。 その褒美として2014年から香港のオークションハウス「クリスティーズ」に勤務w。


2018.1.28 01:02 中露で米国スパイ網が大打撃の恐れ CIA通信手法をロシアと解明か

米露が核軍縮に署名するやいなや、国内のCIA職員を日本たばこ産業/JTに寝返らせ、香港に潜入させる。中国とロシアに潜入していたCIA情報源を次々に殺害。最後はヒラリーに一服盛ってしまう。すべては米露の核軍縮をぶち壊し六ケ所再処理工場のビジネスを継続するためw。 基地外w。

【Double-sided spies】 "New York" kicked before the CIA Hong Kong male package protect corrupt officials smuggling cigarettes 59,380 Last updated: 0119 18:42 / setup time (HKT): 0119 10:41
(Content update)

Li Zhencheng, former director of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) who is based in Hong Kong, was suspected of being a double-breed spy arrested in the United States and another new material broke out.

According to sources in the New York Times, Li Zhesheng worked for Japan Tobacco International Corporation (JTI) before assuming the position of chief security officer at international auction houses. The company suspected he and corrupt officials in China were closely intervening and smuggled cigarette traders. In Hong Kong, he worked with a former police officer to set up a survey company. Newspaper telegraph Japan Tobacco International Corporation in Hong Kong's office, no one answered, only connected to the telephone recording.

Continue to watch:

Former CIA Port-au-Prince and Former Hong Kong Police Unit Investigating Company Having a Ministry of National Security Shousha Business (http://bit.ly/2EWhsyr)

Old colleague who was suspected of "wearing a bucket": No one wants to say goodbye (http://bit.ly/2DobsSv)

Citing a former colleague who had worked with ZIM at Japan Tobacco International Corp., the report quoted Li Zhecheng as fired at the time he was accused of misconduct by the company. Li Zhencheng left the CIA in 2007 after being employed by Japan Tobacco International Inc. and joined the company's investigation team to combat illicit cigarettes and counterfeit cigarettes.

For more than a year after working for Japan Tobacco Industry Corp., Li Zhencheng leaked to the Chinese corrupt officials the secrecy of the company's investigation of illicit cigarettes and counterfeit cigarettes because of the company's top suspicion. Many of the cases learned by Mr LEE Cheuk-wah have all of a sudden "broken line" and the high-level authorities have stopped disclosing to him the relevant investigation progress. After that, Li Zhencheng was fired. Until 2009, some Chinese officials warned Japan Tobacco International Corporation of the fact that Li Zhencheng and his staff in China intelligence department lied that his own investigation team in Hong Kong was working for the CIA. The top executive thought the situation was serious and notified the FBI about some suspicious contacts between Li Zhencheng and Chinese personnel.

The report also pointed out that Li Zhencheng subsequently attended a tobacco industry conference in the Mainland accompanied by a Chinese intelligence officer in order to find a business for the new company he set up and was briefed by the other party to the participants. Subsequently, some people at the meeting to tell Japan Tobacco International Corporation.

However, it is unclear whether FBI's anti-spy agents know more about Li Zhencheng's multiple contacts with Chinese spies. U.S. "New York Times"

US media: hired by Japanese companies double espionage help corrupt officials embezzle illicit cigarettes

Li Zhencheng, a detective from the Chinese-American former CIA, was arrested and the U.S. media exposed Lee again. The New York Times quoted sources on Thursday as saying that before acting as head of security for Christie's, Li had worked "at the JTI's branch in Hong Kong during the performance of" suspicious and unreliable " Colluded with corrupt officials in China to smuggle traders and were dismissed as suspected of "wearing closet bottom." In retaliation, Li declared that the tobacco division's Hong Kong division actually worked for the CIA and once again opened a search company with a former Hong Kong police constable.

"New Zealand" quoted a former senior manager of Japan's tobacco industry company who worked with Lee. Lee joined the tobacco company's Hong Kong branch in 2007 and led the investigation of the group of private cigarettes and fakes two years ago. Li told his new home owners that prior work in the U.S. government was responsible for liaising with Beijing intelligence officials. Although all of Lee's actions were recorded, the tobacco industry still scruples worried that he had private contacts with Chinese personnel at the time.

A year later, most of the cases investigated by Lee were not followed, and the company suspected that Li colluded with corrupt officials in China and let go of smuggling merchants. The company later found that a sum of about 15,000 U.S. dollars (about 117,000 Hong Kong dollars) was used to provide informants with information on smuggling. The suspicion was started and investigations on Lee were stopped. By mid-2009, The tobacco company fired him. A Chinese official later disclosed to the tobacco companies that Li Zhencheng had falsely claimed that the company's Hong Kong team was working for the CIA; and that the tobacco companies were at risk of being exempt from their presence abroad, dismissed the team once and informed the FBI. Former colleagues think Lee falsely claims that the company is working for the CIA, purely out of revenge.

The report also pointed out that Li Zhencheng had found a business for his new company and was accompanied by a Chinese intelligence officer at a meeting of China Tobacco Corporation's Guangdong Branch. Someone at the meeting informed JTI of the news and said intelligence officials appeared to support Li Zhencheng. According to a number of media reports, Li Zhen became a Reynolds man and Reynolds was also a CIA agent from 1988 to 2002, followed by Guangzhou Consulate officials for the next two years. Reynolds joined JTI's Hong Kong office in 2004 as vice president until 2010.

After his dismissal, Li Chun-cheng opened a company called FTM International in 2010 under the co-operation of a former Hong Kong police constable named Barry Cheung Kam Lun who handled a number of tobacco cases. According to the search information, FTM International is Hong Kong registered Haotian International Limited. Li Zhencheng is registered as founding member and first director and later resigns as director. His wife is also appointed to replace him. By 2011, Li Zhencheng sold half of his shares to Zhang Jinlun, leaving his wife in the same year, ending the company in 2014. After Li was removed from the international cosmetics brand Estee Lauder and Christie's work.

Former JTI colleagues also recalled that Li was often dumb with his superiors, but mixed with local Chinese staff and kept talking about money and plans. Married, he had two daughters and looked very much involved in daily life. To be simple. However, Li in the eyes of the old colleague seems unpopular: "Most people think Lee is not credible and nobody wants to see him again after he leaves." A JTI spokesman confirmed that Li Zhencheng had worked for the company's Employees, only for a short period of time, refused to disclose other personal information.

2018.1.19 17:57 JT子会社の情報を中国に漏洩か 米逮捕の元CIA職員

$ perl amagrep.pl たばこ *.txt
amagrep keyword たばこ ...
000080427.txt                                                                              たばこ事業,医薬事業,食 顧問(非常
000080427.txt 5    本田    清隆     59     宮内庁書陵部長         H22.3.31   H22.5.1    日本たばこ産業株式会社                          無      無
000080427.txt                                                                              品事業          勤)
000080427.txt ---
000108578.txt 10   柳原   敏男      59     警視庁築地警察署長      H22.8.23   H22.10.1    日本たばこ産業株式会社 たばこ事業          顧問       無
000108578.txt ---
000126622.txt                                                                     日本たばこ産業株式会    たばこ事業,医薬事業,食 顧問(非常
000126622.txt 7    本田    清隆         59     宮内庁書陵部長         H22.3.31   H22.5.1                                          無      無
000126622.txt                                                                     社             品事業          勤)
000126622.txt ---
000126622.txt                                                             日本たばこ産業株式会
000126622.txt  39   柳原   敏男    59   警視庁築地警察署長      H22.8.23   H22.10.1                 たばこ事業       顧問      無
000126622.txt                                                             社
000126622.txt ---
000164714.txt                                                                                               広島支店調
000164714.txt 47   藤川   富雄    60   広島県警察本部総務部長    H24.2.13   H24.3.22   H24.4.1   日本たばこ産業株式会社 たばこ事業                 無
000164714.txt                                                                                               査役
000164714.txt ---
000164714.txt                                                                                               四国支社調
000164714.txt 51   内海   豊博    59   香川県警察本部交通部長    H24.3.2    H24.3.23   H24.4.1   日本たばこ産業株式会社 たばこ事業                 無
000164714.txt                                                                                               査役
000164714.txt ---
000175017.txt                                                                                     広島支店調
000175017.txt 58   藤川    富雄    60   広島県警察本部総務部長    H24.3.22   H24.4.1    日本たばこ産業株式会社 たばこ事業                 無
000175017.txt                                                                                     査役
000175017.txt ---
000175017.txt                                                                                      四国支社調
000175017.txt 62   内海   豊博   59   香川県警察本部交通部長    H24.3.23   H24.4.1    日本たばこ産業株式会社 たばこ事業                   無
000175017.txt                                                                                      査役
000175017.txt ---
000233642.txt                                                                                                      福岡支店調
000233642.txt 6    三方   正行      60     福岡県警察学校長       H25.1.28    H25.3.4    H25.4.1   日本たばこ産業株式会社    たばこ事業
000233642.txt                                                                                                      査役
000233642.txt                                                                                                               無
000233642.txt ---
000233642.txt                                                                                                   高崎支店調
000233642.txt 18   正田   一男    60   群馬県警察本部刑事部長    H25.2.12   H25.3.18   H25.4.1   日本たばこ産業株式会社      たばこ事業
000233642.txt                                                                                                   査役
000233642.txt                                                                                                           無
000233642.txt ---
000233642.txt                                                                                                   仙台支店調
000233642.txt 113   斉藤   隆     60   宮城県警察本部刑事部長    H25.2.14   H25.3.31   H25.4.1   日本たばこ産業株式会社    たばこ事業
000233642.txt                                                                                                   査役
000233642.txt                                                                                                           無
000233642.txt ---
000248459.txt                                                                                           福岡支店調
000248459.txt 11   三方   正行      60     福岡県警察学校長       H25.3.4    H25.4.1     日本たばこ産業株式会社 たばこ事業                   無
000248459.txt                                                                                           査役
000248459.txt ---
000248459.txt                                                                                       高崎支店調
000248459.txt 23   正田   一男    60   群馬県警察本部刑事部長    H25.3.18   H25.4.1    日本たばこ産業株式会社 たばこ事業                    無
000248459.txt                                                                                       査役
000248459.txt ---
000248459.txt                                                                                      仙台支店調
000248459.txt 118   斉藤   隆     60   宮城県警察本部刑事部長    H25.3.31   H25.4.1    日本たばこ産業株式会社 たばこ事業                 無
000248459.txt                                                                                      査役
000248459.txt ---
houkoku_h280920_siryou.txt ---
houkoku_h290922_siryou.txt                                                                                       中国支社調
houkoku_h290922_siryou.txt 27   酒井 敏行      60     広島県警察本部刑事部長    H29.3.21   H29.4.1   日本たばこ産業株式会社 たばこ事業                   無
houkoku_h290922_siryou.txt                                                                                       査役
houkoku_h290922_siryou.txt ---
kouhyou_h290922_siryou.txt                                                                                            四国支社調
kouhyou_h290922_siryou.txt 59   松本   征司     60     香川県警察本部刑事部長    H29.3.21   H29.4.1        日本たばこ産業株式会社 たばこ事業                  無
kouhyou_h290922_siryou.txt                                                                                            査役
kouhyou_h290922_siryou.txt ---

$ perl amagrep.pl ジェイ・ティ *.txt
amagrep keyword ジェイ・ティ ...
000164714.txt                      国税庁名古屋国税局浜松西                                          遊技機等のソフトウェア等
000164714.txt 37   苗村    眞    60                H23.12.22      H24.2.1      株式会社ジェイ・ティ                顧問      無   無
000164714.txt                      税務署長                                                  の開発
000164714.txt ---
000175017.txt                       国税庁名古屋国税局浜松西                                         遊技機等のソフトウェア等
000175017.txt 528   苗村   眞     60                H23.12.22      H24.2.1     株式会社ジェイ・ティ                顧問             無   無
000175017.txt                       税務署長                                                 の開発
000175017.txt ---





CIA情報源を壊滅させた部隊を捜査してたのか?w )華春瑩