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Uh-Oh! It Hit the Fan at the DNC! Chair Resigns! Hillary Seized! Their Emails Hacked! Guess What’s Inside

http://beforeitsnews.com/politics/2016/07/uh-oh-dnc-in-a-panic-hillary-seizes-dnc-chair-resigns-emails-hacked-and-guess-whats-inside-2827369.html (概要)

民主党全国委員会が今日(25日)から28日まで開催されます。 しかしウィキリークスによって民主党全国委員会のメンバーらのメールがハッキングされたことを受けて、委員長が辞任しました。 ウィキリークスは1か月前にヒラリーのメールもリークしましたが、今度は、ハッキングした委員会のメンバーの19000以上のメール(添付ファイル付きもあり、ヒラリーを大統領にさせるための反トランプ、反サンダーズの戦略も書かれたいた)を全てリークしています。これらのメールは誰でも閲覧することができます。


こちらの記事では、ヒラリーに関する10種類の健康問題が伝えられています。 ヒラリーは汚職をするだけではありません。彼女は深刻な健康問題を抱えています。例えば、咳の発作、転倒、膝の骨折、失神、血栓、眼鏡のプリズム、抗凝血剤処方、甲状腺異常、脳損傷(つまり脳死!)、という深刻な問題を抱えています。これらの病気を治すには6ヵ月間の治療が必要と言われています。

Hillary Clinton Prescribed a Dangerous Blood-Thinner (By anh-usa on August 25, 2015)

Hillary Clinton Prescribed a Dangerous Blood-Thinner
By anh-usa on August 25, 2015 Sustainable Healthcare

Being rich and famous does not necessarily mean you get better healthcare.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has released a letter from one of her doctors giving her a clean bill of health after a full medical exam and attesting to her physical ability to serve as president. The letter revealed that Mrs. Clinton is being treated with the drug Coumadin to help prevent blood clots, which she experienced in 1998, 2009, and 2012. Coumadin (also called warfarin) is an anticoagulant intended to prevent blood clots, heart attacks, and strokes.

We’ve written before about how dangerous this and other drugs like it can be. It is one of the leading causes of emergency room fatalities. In 2011, it was the subject of 1,106 serious adverse event reports, including seventy-two deaths?and that is just in hospitals!

Warfarin has a long list of nasty side effects, including bleeding gums, blood in the urine, blurred vision, chest pain, peeling skin, serious bone loss, and confusion. Warfarinにはたちの悪い副作用の長いリストが存在する。それには歯茎からの出血、血尿、 かすみ目、胸の痛み、皮膚がむける、深刻な骨粗症、混乱状態。 It can also cause necrosis?the death of skin tissue. One study found that long-term warfarin use after myocardial infarction (that is, after a heart attack) did not reduce mortality or reinfarction, but is associated with significantly more major bleeding.

Warfarin can also create a vitamin K deficiency and calcification of the arteries. In a study of patients undergoing surgery for aortic valve replacement, patients who took warfarin had twice the calcium build-up in their heart valves as patients not on warfarin, presumably because the loss of vitamin K was preventing the calcium from getting into the bones as it should. This is also why calcium should never be taken without important co-factors like vitamin K (in particular, vitamin K-2, which is especially important), magnesium, vitamin D, and omega?3 fatty acids.

Warfarin also requires constant monitoring. Patients taking it must regularly be screened by their physicians to ensure that their international normalized ration (INR)?a measure of how quickly blood coagulates?remains within a safe range. As Life Extension magazine reports, this can be difficult to obtain, as one’s INR can fluctuate due to even minor alterations in diet.

We might politely point out to Mrs. Clinton that there are natural blood thinning alternatives that do not come with the laundry list of side effects from Big Pharma medications. Dr. Robert J. Rowen, for instance, recommends omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, bioflavanoids (such as gingko), natural clotting modulators like garlic, and nattokinase, which is made from fermented soy. Other natural blood thinners include the enzymes serrapeptase and lumbrokinase. Blood thickness (viscosity) is a good thing to test on an ongoing basis. High viscosity is an important risk factor for heart disease, as Jonathan Wright, MD, and other integrative physicians have emphasized.

Mrs. Clinton is also reportedly taking Armour Thyroid to treat an underactive thyroid gland.
クリントン夫人は伝えられるところによると甲状腺機能低下への処方でArmour Thyroid(天然型甲状腺ホルモン剤)を服用している。
We were glad to hear this. It means that at least one of her physicians knows something about natural medicine. Armour Thyroid is DTE?desiccated thyroid extract, the natural form of the hormones, as opposed the synthetic forms that conventional medicine often prescribes. We wrote about Armour in 2013, when there was a suspicious shortage of DTE. We suspected the FDA was up to its usual cronyism, clearing the way for Big Pharma’s synthetic drugs. But the letters our readers sent to Congress and the FDA seem to have averted that outcome.



おいおい、誰かヒラリーに毎日血栓予防に納豆食わせろ。 あと甲状腺を刺激するいちばんの方法は歌うことだ。演説はいいから歌わせろ。 すぐやれ。

「2000年、ベツレヘム製鉄所で原発のウラン燃料棒を溶かして被曝した従業員に 最大15万ドルの特別賠償法案を通したヒラリー。」









‘Kill Russians and Iranians, threaten Assad,’ says ex-CIA chief backing Clinton
うはは。マイケル・モレル元CIA副長官かぁ。 日中戦争ベンガジ攻撃ブリュッセルのときはイスラム国™をアピールw


【トランプ自身も言っている。「我々はそのように考える必要がない。我々は自分の国を建てなおすことに集中すべきだ。 他国は彼らがやりたいようにさせるべきだ。」 ワタシ(Annie Machon)は普段と違ってマトモなコメントだと思っていて、大統領への希望を持っている。】