MOX燃料の実験 update15


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One other item for your checklist: CNN is reporting the Japanese reactor uses "experimental" plutonium fuel,
which must be MOX fuel. We can probably expect media questions on which U.S. reactors use, or are
planning to use, MOX, and the implications of that during an event.

In the meantime, we can expect continued questions about the nature of the explosion and whether that could
happen at a U.S. reactor, as well as questions on the type and levels of radioactivity being released. KI pill
usage is another topic.
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3号機で使用されていたのは「実験的な」MOX燃料だった。ML11269A172 26/395ページ


兵器級プルトニウムから作った試作MOX燃料をLUA(Lead Use Assemblies)と呼ぶのか。

Enenews ENENewsのコメント DHSの日誌
Plutonium Fuel (MOX) Plans at SRS Hit Another Obstacle; Plans for MOX in Boiling Water Reactors Can't Be Implemented before 2025


兵器級プルトニウムのMOX燃料は危なくて米国内の原発では使わないとNRCが決めた。カタウバ(Catawba)のPWRで18ヶ月3サイクルのテスト実績がある。構造上冷却不能になってしまうBWRではまだ実績がない。 さらに日本ではもっと危険な原子炉級プルトニウムのMOXしか製造できない。それを大間で燃やすのか。「あさこはうす」が人類滅亡を食い止めていると言うのは本当の話。


久里浜にGNF-J(グローバル・ニュークリア・フュエル・ジャパン)はMOX燃料工場がある。米軍横須賀基地のすぐ近所だ。 空母から退役核弾頭を貰ってきてMOX燃料にしてるでしょ。あぶねーなー。


ML13072A376 Enclosure 5: 2012 Technology Update Presentation - Non-Proprietary Information - Class I (Public).


Plans Presented to Nuclear Regulatory Commission by Global Nuclear Fuels (GNF) to Test and License Plutonium Fuel (MOX) Hold Troubling Schedule Implications for TVA
当初2014年11月完成予定だった大間原発は311地震で1年半工事中断していた。工事再開で完成は最速で2016年6月頃になるはず。 SRSのMOX燃料工場で設計開始が2018年。GNFは16個のLUAを使ったテスト開始を2019年として申請。

GNF proposes to begin testing the 16 LUAs beginning in 2019 but does not state where the experimental MOX would be tested.


AREVA in secret talks with Japan for spent nuclear fuel from Fukushima Daiichi

Six months before the Japanese earthquake, Alvarez told DCBureau.org the idea of MOX fuel does not add up anymore. “They are largely overtaken by events and the system is just ill-equipped, unable, structurally fixed into decisions that don’t make much sense anymore…The only prospect that you have here, which you should not dismiss, is that it has the potential of rendering a large amount of plutonium into a form that makes it extremely useful to reuse. And that was the original intent of the MOX program. It was not meant to be a way to generate energy and make money. Because the money is losing, this plutonium has negative value. They probably know this might not work and cause problems to reactors, and they might shut down reactors and lose money.”
アルバレス氏。311の半年前に「大量に余っている兵器級プルトニウムを燃料として再利用しようという意図は尊敬に値するが、 装備が不十分で、構造的に変更できない原子炉でMOX燃料を使うアイデアは理にかなってない。」と警告していた。




当初CNNが3号機のは実験的なプルトニウム燃料だと報道した。 WGよりRGのほうが不安点なのだからRG-MOXを燃やすことこそリスキーな実験だったのだ。


16 Are there any additional concerns associated with the mixed oxide fuel in Unit 3?

Unit 3 installed some mixed oxide (MOx) fuel assemblies during its last refueling outage in September, 2010. Mixed oxide fuel is a combination of uranium oxide and plutonium oxide, and is not used in the U.S. reactors, except for limited experimental testing. Failure to keep MOx fuel assemblies covered with water - and the resulting overheating and damage to the MOx fuel assemblies, and release of fission products - does not pose an additional threat when compared with -the traditional uranium oxide fuel assemblies. The melting point of the MOx fuel assemblies is also similar to uranium oxide fuel assemblies, so the risk of damage due to overheating does not increase with the use of MOX fuel.

米ではMOX燃料の使用は限定された実験的な試験用途以外(except for limited experimental testing)では許可されてない。なので実験的なプルトニウム燃料と言ってたのか。わはは。